4 Best Ways to Enhance Your Laptop Performance After Updating Windows

Fix it by reinstalling the windows in your computer, or by connecting another device to your IP address. If you had any problem with error The DNS Server is Not RespondingWindows PC error, or if your problem not fixed, comment down below the error you are facing. We will fix it here or in another post surely. DNS servers are not only used for the web, however.

Unless you know the exact cause, it would be hard to predict which solution would work for you. Hence we suggest you try the first solution and then the next and so on until the DNS server issue is resolved.

Any online application, such as your email client, Slack, or Skype, also use DNS servers for connectivity. So, it’s no wonder that the world feels like it’s falling apart when your DNS server is unavailable.

There are a host of other things working in the backdrop that make internet connectivity possible, and DNS server is one of the more important part of the whole process. Sometimes, there is a problem with your IP address not recognizing your computer.

We already have mentioned that failure of communication between the computer browser and DNS server may occur the error. Sometimes, overwhelming browser cache and cookies may interrupt in the usual functionality of the browser. On the other hand, an outdated browser may also fail to respond to the DNS server appropriately. In these cases, you have to clear the browsing cache and update the browser if required.

So you may know if there’s any wrong with your DNS server, you cannot access any website on your browser. No exception that if your DNS server stops responding, you cannot access the websites through the Internet. There are some ways to fix DNS server not responding. I hope you have fixed your problem with the DNS server using these techniques. We will help you out with further issues regarding the DNS server.

There Are A Lot Of Dns Errors Out There. Way Too Many, Right?

  • If you’re not sure how to do this, you’ll probably want to check the manual or online documentation for your specific model of router.
  • To do this, access your router’s web interface.
  • The exact steps you need to take will vary depending on your router.
  • There are several public DNS servers that you can use such as OpenDNS, OpenNIC, Comodo Secure DNS, and Google Public DNS.

If you’re using any proxies to protect your office network from external virus infection, then turn it off and move to public browsing techniques. If you’re browsing via a proxy server, then some of the connection configurations could affect whether Yahoo Messenger will be able to show. This is one of the solutions you can try to fix the issue. You just need to add your Yahoo website as a trustworthy site in your browser which you’re using. Using Firefox, click on the Firefox menu, and then ‘Options’ and the Security tab.

Enter in the URL for Yahoo Messenger to access it. Google’s Public DNS provides free DNS server’s for you to use as well. Click on the link for the current Google Public DNS Server IP addresses. You file would want to find out the IP addresses of those sites. The DNS server itself lost connectivity to the Internet or is offline.

Narrow Down The Problem With Multiple Websites And Devices

To solve this annoying problem, many users run the built-in network troubleshooter. This is when you might receive a message that indicates the DNS server isn’t responding.

And of course they can act as a backup when one of them fails or is too busy to respond. Most users claim, entering your network adapter’s MAC address could solve the DNS not responding windows error. Place a tick on Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically and click OK. Place a tick on Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Tick on “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically” and then, Click OK.


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